Looking for a Front-end Trainee !

(6 months internship)



Angus.ai is an innovative company in the field of artificial intelligence on the Cloud.

The Angus.ai platform was born out of the desire to offer real-time perception solutions (video analysis or sound analysis) under the form of simple services to integrate and requiring very few local resources.

Thanks to this platform Angus.ai develops business oriented solutions. So one of the first applications is behavioral study in retail store.


A lot of challenges are presented to the company, its technical members participate in all these missions, great agility is asked to the future candidate.

However, a more specialized profile and web development frontend is sought to develop the following interfaces :

  • Web Portal (WordPress, CSS)
  • Platform access portal (Django, Boostrap, JQuery)
  • Client Dashboard ( google analytics like)
  • Demo mockup

The candidate must have already worked with the following technologies :

  • Python/Django
  • API RESTful

The following technologies are a plus for the profile:

  • Angular*, React or other framework
  • Node.js
  • MySQL
  • Memcache


Angus.ai is currently hosted by the Agoranov incubator in Paris (75006), in a dynamic startup environment.

To apply please send a C.V. + Cover Letter to : marion.cheylan@angus.ai or job@angus.ai