We create the AI platform that helps an ever growing number of developers build robots (and IOT) that understand their environment.

We are looking for 4 to 6 months interns (see mission and profile below).

If you are interested, drop us an email with your CV and a short motivation letter at : job@angus.ai


[Internship] Vision / Audio based AI Developer


As part of our developer team, you will leverage open source AI framework and image / video / sound databases to develop ready-to-go algorithms that will be integrated into angus.ai cloud or embedded solutions. Examples of algorithms we are currently working on :

  • face recognition
  • age & gender estimation
  • gaze analysis
  • voice biometry
  • word spotting
  • voice tone analysis

Depending on your profile, you may also participate in extending / optimizing / operating our cloud infrastructures and/or extending our language coverage by writing SDKs for ROS, Android, etc…

Candidate profile
  • full stack software engineer
  • high sense of curiosity
  • being ready to learn whatever is needed to succeed
  • comfortable with advanced machine learning approaches
  • having worked with frameworks like opencv / kaldi and machine learning libraries (theano, pylearn, lasagne, etc…) is a big plus.
  • proficient with Python and C/C++

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