This is a place where you will find what people do with (including us at Angus !).

If you want to share your own hack, drop us a mail at with video / photo links and a brief summary.

Angus Chameleon

We are currently working hard on a service that extracts 3D information from 2 standard RGB cameras looking at the same scene (aka stereo vision), and
we are using our artificial chameleon for this !

It is made of 2 usb cams (like this), 4 small but very fast servos and a Raspberry Pi (B+) to stream videos on and control servos. The Stereovision service is just about to be released, stay in touch !

And now testing stereovision with opencv and the chameleon:

The Angus Lamp

This realisation is (of course) inspired by Luxo Jr from Pixar (see here)
but also by a more recent project from Adam Ben Dror called Pinokio (see here).

The lamp leverages Angus Movement, Face, Age, Gender and Expression Estimation to greet people entering the scene, and react (in a very simplistic way !)
to people smiles or frowning.

The lamp is made from a 30$ architect desk lamp, 3 high torque servos (see here), a usb cam and a Rasperry Pi (model B+) that streams the video to and control the servos accordingly.

Jumping Sumo + Angus API is used here to automate a Jumping Sumo drone from Parrot (see here).

If you have a Jumping Sumo (or something similar), look at this GitHub repository for details.